Jack Links Teriyaki Beef Jerky Review

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Jack Links Teriyaki Beef Jerky

The Mega Pack is mighty substantial.

The Mega Pack is mighty substantial.

By Jason Wagner

I’ve been happily eating this stuff for years. It only makes sense it gets a survival food review.

Taste – 9/10: The meat is deeply permeated with the delicious taste of teriyaki, while the meat itself has an excellent, genuinely beefy (thankfully) and slightly smoky flavor. The aroma is excellent. Of all the beef jerkies I’ve eaten, this one’s got the most appealing taste.

Texture – 8.5/10: The texture varies piece to piece. The best pieces are easily a 10/10, while the lesser ones are about a 6.5, so, there’s why it’s got an 8.5. The better pieces have got a nice, chewy and moist texture, while the worst pieces have got a slight tougher quality to them.

Nutrition – 9.5/10: The protein count is the nutritional star of this product. A single ounce of this beef jerky contains 28 grams of protein. This isn’t the ideal energy food as the overwhelming amount of calories is protein. Note that the 9.5 is given because of the lean protein, which will likely be the single most valuable nutrient in an Armageddon or momentary collapse of civilization.

Convenience – 10/10: When I speak of convenience in survival food, beef jerky is ultimately the standard from which all others should be judged. This is the perfect food to eat whether you’re eating at your home, camp, FOB or scouting in hostile TEOWAKI territory.

Shelf Life – 7.5/10: This won’t last decades, but it’s indeed reasonably non-perishable. As with all food storage, keeping it in a dry, cool (60 or so degrees) environment will prolong its lifespan.

OpSec – 10/10: As with the convenience of this product, the OpSec of any and all other survival foods should be checked and compared against this beef jerky. Beef jerky of this type is one of the only food stuffs I’d feel comfortable with eating in its cooked state, while deeply entrenched in enemy territory.

Bulk/Weight – 9.5/10: The bulk of this item is light, and even better is the weight; considering all the protein, the jerky is a mere featherweight. Ideal for stuffing into a backpack.

Final Review – 9.5/10: I recommend you buy as much of this as humanly possible. Of course, you’ll still need to stock up on grains for the sake of a varied and ideal diet. Of course, it wouldn’t really be economically feasible to stock enough beef jerky to last any great length of time, unless you were to spend a great deal of money. Jack Links Beef Jerky is amazing for the Armageddon, and everyday snacking.

Note: It’s a very good policy to regularly rotate your stockpiles of beef jerky. This is especially important if you’ve got a large stock of it.


The beef jerky once removed! So much protein...too much, which is never a bad thing!

The beef jerky once removed! So much protein…too much, which is never a bad thing!

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