Augason Farms Apple Delight Drink Mix Review

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Augason Farms Apple Delight Drink Mix

By Jason Wagner

Augason Farms usual appetizing packaging

Augason Farms usual appetizing packaging

Another familiar type of product, which are usually my favorite things to review!

Taste – 9.0/10: The taste is very akin to fresh apple cider, I love this stuff. This is, in my opinion (of course), much better than your typical bottled apple juice. If you’re one of those people who has never had apple cider, it’s like a richer, sweeter, but also more nuanced version of apple juice. This is the sort of survival food, like the Augason Farms Orange Delight, that will help to lift you up from the despair of zombie apocalypse, or more likely – just make things a little easier until everything returns to normal in a short-term emergency scenario.

Texture – 8.5/10: Again, the texture reminds me a great deal of apple cider, and trust me – I’ve been known to drink very good apple cider, so I’m not talking about some horrifying aboriginal apple cider. In case you don’t know the consistency of apple cider, it’s thicker than apple juice and thinner than blood.

Filling Factor – 5.0/10: While on its own it doesn’t score very well, to give it anything less would be unfair, for it’s more filling than most drink mixes, and it can be paired with a small meal to make a completely filling meal.

Convenience – 9.5/10: Anything that doesn’t require cooking is super convenient… Augason Farms Apple Delight Drink Mix is one of those emergency preparedness items that’s super convenient. I guess I’d award this a 9.8, but it tastes much better when chilled, and considering that’s not always an option in a TEOWAKI situation, a 9.5/10 is the best I can do.

Nutrition – 5.0/10: This item is extremely nutritious, if you consider sugar a vegetable. This drink mix has got plenty of calories of sugar, a nice boost of vitamin C and that is about it. It’s easy to dismiss these as empty calories, but such “empty” calories won’t seem so empty when they’re the only thing keeping the person up and alert while they’re standing sentry, now would they?

OpSec – 9.5/10: A very stealthy survival drink, indeed. I would award this a perfect 10/10, but its powders do go airborne, a bit sort of like a mini dust cloud. If someone discovered you, it’s probably because they were already within daggers reach, so as it’s a 9.5. This is a very secure item.

Shelf Life – 9.5/10: Lasting at least 15 years, if stored in optimal conditions, makes Augason Farms Apple Delight Drink Mix a top tier item in the coveted category of shelf life.

Bulk/Weight – 9.0/10: Any item, such as this apple drink mix, that stacks well and is relatively lightweight gets a good review. You also get a relatively high yield from this survival food drink mix, at 23 cups, and you certainly can stretch it out with additional water if necessary.

Final Review – 9.0/10: This serves its purpose as a comfort drink very aptly. I know it sounds odd, but something like this would make your time in a catastrophe surprisingly more bearable.

The mix, served in my nice glass

The prepared mix, served in my nice glass

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