Mainstay 3600 Calorie Lemon Flavored Emergency Food Rations Review

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Mainstay 3600 Calorie Lemon Flavored Emergency Food Rations Review

The packaging, which I must say, is very, very good, even by the high standards of emergency food

The packaging, which I must say, is very, very good, even by the high standards of emergency food

By Jason Wagner

I’ve never eaten anything of this type before, and yet – I had a good feeling about survival food rations.

Taste – 9.0/10: Wow, these are actually pretty good! They’re sweet, a tad lemony and quite buttery! While they might not taste like Girl Scout cookies, it behooves me to give it high taste marks for the reasons of its long storage life, excellent nutrition and all of that great stuff.

Texture – 8.5/10: Mainstay 3600 Calorie Lemon Flavored Emergency Food Rations are firm, yet crumbly, oily, yet dry and ultimately very satisfying to chew on.

Convenience – 10/10: Yes, damn right I’m giving this item a 10/10. A vacuum sealed pack of life sustaining survival food, which requires no cooking, not even the boiling of water, hell – a knife isn’t even required to open it! And finally, this can be sealed, which, of course adds to the experience and is convenient.

Nutrition – 9.9/10: I rarely lay out the exact nutrient contents of my survival food review items, but I’ll do so just to give you an idea of just how good this stuff is for you: 9 total servings, each serving contains:  400 calories, 3 grams of protein, only 1% sodium, 50% Vitamin A, 50% Calcium, 15% Thiamine, 30% Niacin, 25% Vitamin E, 35% Folic Acid, 20% Vitamin B-12, 40% Phosphorus, 30% Magnesium, 60% Vitamin C, 25% Riboflavin, 50% Vitamin D and 90% Vitamin B-6. As you can see, this survival food product has almost every single nutritional corner well covered! Amongst the few shortcomings include the less-than-impressive amounts of protein, and even in that area it’s not a total loss. Nutritionally speaking, this is near the pinnacle of what a survival food should be.

Filling Factor – 9.5/10: While I definitely consider these very filling, hence the 9.2, even though they’re absolutely loaded with life-giving nectar, err, you know what I mean – you probably would want to have a side dish with them, just to add some bulk to the meal. You’ve got to remember that these are very small individual squares, with each square constituting a meal, and the squares themselves being only 1×1 in size.

Operational Security – 10/10: How would anyone know you’re eating when Mainstay 3600 Calorie Lemon Flavored Emergency Food Rations generates no aroma, no smoke or steam and requires no fire or cooking fuel of any sort? This is as stealthy as a cat determined to steal cream.

Shelf Life – 7.0/10: This item is rated to stay fresh and nutritionally unaltered for about 5 years. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good, and better than the vast majority of non-survival foods. This is a survival food review, not an article, but it still bears mentioning: Five years assumes optimal storage conditions, but perhaps in extra ideal conditions these could indeed last longer, but I cannot make such claims without having tested it.

Bulk/Weight – 10/10: These are the kinds of item I’m always talking about! The items that you can eat at your FOB, and also be thrown into your backpack or bug out bag when you head out to hunt or patrol! These are perfectly suited for the on-the-move-survivalist or prepper. And while it’s true that these cannot be stacked, if you want to store these in a vertical space saving manner, then you’ll only need to neatly box them up. Indeed, they weigh 24 ounces, but you’ve got to remember that I score these items based on a myriad of factors that I deem worthy of factoring in; for example, while some of the reasons for the 10/10 are obvious, like how they’re vacuum sealed, the other primary motivator is that these packs contain, as I mentioned earlier 3600 hundred calories, tons of nutrients and all that goodness at a scant 24 ounces, which, I also stated above. These are definitely worthy of the 10/10 survival food rating once everything has been considered.

Final Review – 9.8: You know, it’s funny, because when I think about it, if you were to combine these and beef jerky (or any protein, beef jerky being a good example), then you could probably survive, in reasonably good health for the entire duration of an apocalypse; that is, assuming you don’t get shot, catch a disease or get vaporized, of course. Addendum: I never knew how great these survival rations could be, and while they were made specifically for marine environments, they work, in spite of that, or perhaps for it, exceptionally well in any survival situation.

Note 1: On the more likely note that the disasters you’d experience are of the short term variety, these would be equally as invaluable – for instance, having a few of these in your car per occupant, plus some water should guarantee your survival against starvation until help arrives

Note 2: Any food will do this, but this item slightly more than most, you’ll definitely want to eat this with water, otherwise you’ll get a case of the cotton mouth, plus you’ll feel thirsty.

The square pieces of nutritional supremacy.

All 9 square pieces of nutritional supremacy.

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