Augason Farms Cheesey Broccoli Soup Mix Review

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My review of Augason Farms Canned One Quart Cheesy Broccoli Soup Mix

A very attractive design, as is typical with Augason Farms

A very attractive design, as is typical with Augason Farms

By Jason Wagner

I usually like this sort of thing, so I was excited to try Augason Farms Cheesy Broccoli Soup Mix out.

Taste – 9.0/10: Well, it was creamy, had a nice cheesy taste and had a fair amount of dehydrated broccoli pieces. In fact, this tastes better than most store-bought soup mixes. Very good taste, I’ve got no complaints, so a 9.0 rating.

Texture – 8.5/10: I’ll get my gripes out of the way first, I wish it were a bit thicker…with that being said, the consistency was smooth, the broccoli had a good texture and it was good all and all, good in the department of texture.

Nutrition – 8.2/10: As I mentioned earlier, a fair amount of broccoli was included, so you get some good nutrition and vitamins from that. In addition, you get a nice infusion of calcium, vitamin C, some vitamin A and Iron, oh yes – and some protein, too.

Bulk/Weight Factor – 6.0/10: Each can makes half a gallon, which is, of course – quite a bit. Unfortunately, while the everyday size can (four cups) is smaller than the #10, it’s hardly miniscule. You’d need a fairly large amount of space to store any sizable and respectable quantity of this. I must note that the cans themselves, while somewhat bulky are surprisingly light. Not something I’d recommend you throw in your backpack, as pouches and such work much better.

Filling Factor – 9.0/10: While a whole can is a lot to use, over half a gallon of rich and creamy soup is…filling, to say the least. This is pretty ideal for your home base.

Convenience – 7.0/10: The cooking time is a little over 15 minutes on simmer heat, so not bad. Remember to use a whisk, or this finely powdered product could easily clump, which, is of course a very bad thing. This dehydrated soup mix isn’t ideal in the category of convenience, but it works.

OpSec (Operational Security) Factor – 5.0/10: As far as dehydrated soup mixes go, its cooking time seems lower than most…unfortunately, that is negatively counter-balanced by its rich aroma. As is the case with the filling factor, I think this is more suited for preparation in safe zones.

Shelf Life – 8.5/10: Augason Farms boasts that most of their products last up to 15 years…assuming ideal conditions, of course. I have a hunch that a product composed of such fine powder would quickly deteriorate in any level of humidity above medium…so, the drier the location where you keep this survival food product, the better.

Final Review – 8.2/10: An excellent product, with some minor failings. I see no reason why you shouldn’t keep at least a small quantity of these cans on hand. This is an overall very good product; so long as you’re not the post-apocalyptic wanderer type.

Mmm...It's like a big vat of cheese and broccoli

Mmm…It’s like a big vat of cheese and broccoli

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