MRE Apple Maple Oatmeal Menu #12 Review

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MRE Apple Maple Oatmeal Menu #12

Very attractive and efficient packaging, as per usual for MREs

Very attractive and efficient packaging, as per usual for MREs

Once removed from the outer plastic, you've got this nice arrangement

Once removed from the outer plastic, you’ve got this nice arrangement

By Jason Wagner

As I eyed the packaging, I knew this had the potential to be either very delicious or very meh.

Taste – 9.3/10: The centerpiece of the MRE Apple Maple Oatmeal Menu #12 is the oatmeal, so, let’s start with that. The oatmeal is good, as in the taste is quite oat-like, with strong flavors of apple, maple and a hint of lemon. The crackers were, as always, crisp and very good. They included a nice sized packaging of peanut butter, which was delicious. It tasted exactly like regular peanut butter and that’s good. They also included electrolyte fruit punch, which tastes like a cross between Gatorade and Kool-Aid (delicious), and the cocoa drink mix, which I already discussed in my last MRE review, was very good. The Zapplesauce, which is just a fancy name for applesauce was extremely pleasing, a great survival comfort food. They were also considerate enough to include a toaster pastry, which was literally a Pop-Tart that was encased in a vacuum sealed enclosure, and as such – it tasted like you’d probably expect – it was good. Finally, the instant coffee, creamer and sugar were included, which really tied the meal together. As you can see, I was definitely pleased with this one, no major complaints. Everything was satisfactory.

Texture – 8.5/10: Everything had a texture exactly as you’d expect, except the oatmeal. See, it didn’t taste bad. In fact, as I made clear in the above, it was actually quite tasty. It’s just that I thought the texture itself was a little too solid and slimy for my liking. There wasn’t anything else of note, except that the peanut butter had an especially pleasing and creamy texture to it.

Convenience – 9.9/10: There should be no surprise here. This MRE is extremely convenient. This survival food MRE includes so much ready-to-eat food and even has a heating bag that only requires a tiny amount of water for activation. For added convenience, the containers are set up so that you can eat them right out of them with the enclosed spoon. Oh yes, and I mustn’t forget to mention that you don’t even need to concern yourself with the salt and pepper, or how to clean your hand after the feast – everything is included.

Nutrition – 9.8/10: Suffice to say, eating this pretty much covers all of your nutritional needs. The entrée is oatmeal and oatmeal contains some protein, so you don’t have to worry about that. Meanwhile, the peanut butter is also rich with protein. Speaking of rich, all of the items are fortified with nutrients, so you’re all good here. Lastly, and I think this is one of the things I love about the MRE’s I’ve tried, not only are they abundant in nutrition, you get a nice plethora of food. It isn’t like you’re eating one thing for the day, or even a meal. You get a nice platter and I really do appreciate that.

Filling Factor – 9.9/10: Oats are filling, peanut butter is filling – all of the included foods are quite filling. I often say this: if you were faced with the unfortunate reality of triaging food amongst several people, one of these would serve better than most. This is definitely filling.

Bulk/Weight – 9.0/10: It’s sort of bulky, the whole package, I mean. You get a lot though, so I think it’s weight can be largely excused, especially when storing it in your house.

Man-Portability – 8.5/10: I look at this as being ideal for a one day trek. Although, depending on the size of your backpack, you could probably keep enough for a much longer exodus. Like I said before, this is a fairly bulky item, but…you’d be at peak efficiency while eating this, and it’s certainly good as far as man portability goes, so yes, this MRE gets awarded an 8.5…not without flaws, but certainly not without merit.

Operational Security – 10/10: I was having a bit of trouble deciding between a 9.5 or a 10/10. Ultimately, I decided on the 10/10, because while things like beef jerky might be the only truly undetectable items, this is for all intents and purposes, is very stealthy. All the cooking takes place while the food is still in the bag, there isn’t any boiling of water, no flames from cooking wood or red coals. This is something that I’d feel comfortable taking with me should I have the undesirable job of scouting unfriendly territory.

Final Review – 9.5/10: There are a few problems with this MRE, but when something is so good, only a stickler would care about some minor qualms…with that being said, it behooves me to note the problems, however trivial they may be, in the interest of delivering an honest survival food review to my readers. It would be quite a dream survival setup to have a cache of these MREs in your dwelling.

This MRE has so much damn food!

This MRE has so much damn food!

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