Mountain House Freeze Dried Chicken Fajita Filling Review

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Mountain House Freeze Dried Chicken Fajita Filling Review

The beautifully efficient Mountain House packaging

The beautifully efficient Mountain House packaging

By Jason Wagner

In theory this sounded good, in practice, well…just continue reading on…

Taste – 9.8/10: Amazing, really, really – it was indeed delicious! I knew this was going to be good when I removing the oxygen absorber and in the process I snorted the strong aromatic cloud of pepper and onion goodness. So, the taste of the seasoning bears first mentioning: The seasoning is ideal, it tastes like some BBQ seasoning, some salt, pepper and a bit of taco seasoning all mixed together; I know that sounds a little odd, but it was a great combination. The chicken, mmm…I’m admittedly fussy when it comes to chicken, and meat, in general (which is one of the reasons I dread the very prospect of an apocalypse) but, the good quality meat that’s found in here does a lot to assuage my concerns. The peppers and the onions…well, the package says that they’re fire roasted, and honestly I don’t care if that’s true or not (but it probably is) all I care about is how good they taste, and these taste great! Like I said, I’m picky when it comes to meat. I go to a local butcher shop and pick up what amounts to the best hot Italian sausage ever, and once I get back to cook them, I cook up my peppers and onions in my cast iron frying pan. My point is I’m particular when it comes to meat, but more importantly, these taste almost as good as my glorious pan-fried peppers and onions. Before we close out, I wouldn’t even consider forgetting to mention how the black beans were a nice little touch. When I make sausage hoagies, or homemade chicken fajitas, I don’t add beans of any sort, but after this I’ll have to consider it, and yes, that’s a compliment. I think I’ve broken down the particular elements enough, and if you didn’t catch what I was saying, it’s irrelevant so long as you read this – the taste of Mountain House Fajita filling was delicious and satisfying.

Convenience – 8.5/10: Mountain House Chicken Fajita Filling embodies all the virtues and non-virtues of all of the other Mountain House freeze dried products, with one alteration: It requires boiling water and a spoon, but also some tortillas. You could eat this on its own if all you were interested in it’s nutrients, but why would you want to do that? Overall, a convenient survival food product.

Filling Factor – 7.8/10: I’m not sure whether it’s the taste or the portion that’s in question…I wonder because the portion provided is fairly good, and the tortillas add to it, it’s just that when you’re eating something so absolutely incredible (well, for an emergency and/or apocalypse) you can’t help but feel like eating a really good portion. Addendum, one of these should prove adequate for a single person, and I don’t have any real concerns about the serving size beyond that I wish they’d bump it up a bit.

Nutrition – 9.0/10: Unexpectedly, this is quote nutritious. You’ve got 320 calories, almost an entire day’s worth of protein, huge amounts of vitamin C, general amounts of vitamin A, good amounts of Iron, and a fair amount of calcium…As if all that wasn’t pleasing enough, Mountain House Chicken Fajita Filling is rich with dietary fiber. You’re probably thinking the calories are a bit low, which is correct, they’re low, but these aren’t greasy, like they would probably be if you made it at home, and besides, the calories are further padded when you consider the caloric sum of the tortillas. To repeat, the nutritional benefits of Mountain House Chicken Fajita Filling are surprisingly good, so I suppose that’s just one more reason to enjoy this.

Operational Security – 9.0/10: Good, but not the very best. The cooking process is stealthy enough; simply add boiling water, seal the container and let sit. Of course, once you open the container to stir it, or to eat it, some aroma will slip out. The way I see it, if somebody was close enough to smell the aroma, they were probably too close already. This isn’t by any means like when you simmer soup over a fire. No, not at all.

Bulk/Weight – 10/10: The weight is virtually nothing, and to make things all the better, it’s very easy to store. If you were to stock up on this, I don’t think you’d find any qualms with storing this in your, ahem, store room.

Man Portability – 9.5/10: All the good qualities written about in the above make this, in equal measure, an excellent choice for carrying around. I think a 10/10 would be in order, if not for the fact tortillas are basically mandatory, which adds slightly to your weight load and eats a little bit of your available pack space.

Final Review – 9.8/10: This one is good, but then again, given that you’re at the end of the review, I’ve probably already mentioned that a dozen or so times. If you’ve got tortillas with a long expiration date, or even tastier, have the supplies and know how to make homemade tortillas, then I highly recommend you skeep at least SOME Mountain House Chicken Fajita Filling pouches on hand. You would like to eat good food in an Armageddon, right?

It just looks delicious, doesn't it?

It just looks delicious, doesn’t it? Note: The orange stuff is a little mild cheddar cheese that I sprinkled on it, it was a nice addition, I highly recommend you try it



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