A Review of Food for Health Whey Milk

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A Review for the Food for Health Whey Milk

Standard, and as such - excellent packaging, compliments of Food for Health

Standard, and as such – excellent packaging, compliments of Food for Health

By Jason Wagner

Why whey milk? Why the hell wouldn’t I just want to use the regular stuff? As I discover, there are a myriad of reasons for choosing Food for Health’s whey milk for all of your survival food needs!

The Food for Health Whey milk provides a little over 5 cups of milk once prepared.

Taste – 9.0/10: Hmm…It taste like regular powdered milk, but different; different in that that it’s a bit sweeter in taste, and while just as creamy, the cream has a slight taste alteration to it. So, whey milk has, as far as taste goes, anyway, proven itself to be inoffensive. Note that I followed the instructions to the letter, and if you find the milk to be bland at 5 cups, which I didn’t, you’ve totally got the option to add less water.

Texture – 9.0/10: Again, it’s no more, or less offensive than dry milk of the regular variety, so that’s good. It’s smooth and creamy, and as is the case with its colleagues, you’ve got to stir it real well, otherwise it’ll clump.

Convenience – 9.9/10: When all you’ve got to do is mix in some water and stir – it’s definitely convenient. I’m not sure how dry milk could get any better than this. If there’s one non-complaint to add, it’s that the pouches are NOT notched, so you’ll need a knife to open them; but like I said, a non-issue, because if you don’t have a knife, what have you got?

So fine, finely ground, I mean!

So fine, finely ground, I mean!

Nutrition – 9.0/10: Again, its par for the dry milk course; fair amounts of protein, not to mention the noted amounts of calcium, and to tie it all together, its got enough calories to make this an exceptional side to any emergency, or apocalyptic meal. You may or may not of noted the lack of vitamin D – which I guess isn’t that much of a surprise, the only reason regular milk contains it is because a government mandate, and of course, if you were to spend some time outside everyday, you’ll get more than enough daily vitamin D, but, in the case of a situation where you couldn’t spend time outside, then you’ll need to take vitamin supplements. And as a very final here, while it makes little to no difference for the majority of the population, whey milk is one of the few dairy alternative for the lactose intolerant, so if you count yourself among the lactose intolerant, this is probably exactly what you want.

Operational Security – 10/10: Okay, so, if somebody were to, in theory, detect you, and you were to, again, in theory – blame it on the dry milk, than I do believe that you should be more concerned as to your perception, and not the milk itself. Besides, how could something as trivial as adding powder, water and stirring get you in trouble? Of course, I wouldn’t recommend you do all of that while your sneaking up on somebody.

Filling Factor – 8.5/10: This is interesting, but none-the-surprising; unlikely most survival drink mixes, this, being dairy in nature will actually work well in dowsing your hunger. With that being exclaimed, to have this, and only this wouldn’t be a very sensible use of resources; look at it more like, you make something that would usually only fill a single person, and you make some of this, too; suddenly you can stretch that single serving entrée for the two of you.

Weight/Bulk – 9.6/10: The one I reviewed came from a Food for Health variety bucket, but you can also buy Food for Health buckets of whey milk no problem; and these buckets are large, but not absurdly bulky, and far more importantly – the amount of pouches these buckets contain is…generous, to say the least, so while at first glance they may seem large, as in – regular bucket size, considering the sheer quantity, I wouldn’t concern myself with it at all, and they stack perfectly, too! The bucket is a good addition to a long term food storage plan or an emergency food pantry.

Resource Efficiency – 9.5/10: I could definitely see the 5 cup of water requirement being something of a problem, but hey – at least you don’t need any fuel, and that 5 cups of water goes directly to you – as in, it isn’t absorbed by the food.

Carrying Proficiency – 8.5/10: Not surprisingly, these take up very little space on their own, and, say the source of water would be bottled water, even if you used the bottled water instead of harvesting it yourself, this certainly makes for a very good and easy source of dairy on the move. Right, of course, you’re probably thinking about how carrying a pitcher could be a real, cumbersome problem, but the way I look at it is, you could either stuff something inside of the pitcher so it wouldn’t be wasted space, or, as I recommend, you can use re-sealable plastic bags; the way you use them isn’t complicated and I’ll point it out later.

Shelf Life – 9.6/10: One of the things I love about this is how the packets themselves are well sealed against environmental contamination, including bug infestations, but what I really love about this is how so long as its sealed in the bucket, it’s for all intents and purposes in a state of harmonious stasis. So long as the conditions are acceptable, this, according to Food for Health will last a very solid 20 years. Another thing to point out is how, while I prefer canned stuffs, plastic doesn’t rust and the, very sturdy, might I add, plastic bucket provides all the protection that the pouches needs.

Final Review – 9.0/10: This is definitely an all-around very solid way to get your post-apocalyptic cow nectar, and you know what? That’s a beautiful thing. Food for Health Whey milk is definitely a must have survival food for your long term food storage plan.

As you can see, it certainly as a deeply creamy, and as such, deeply appealing look about itself.

As you can see, it certainly has a deeply creamy, and as such, deeply appealing look about itself.

Tip: This is applicable whether you need to conserve space, or you don’t have pitcher handy: Take an acceptably large bag, or alternatively you could use a smaller bag and do the following in batches: add the powder, water, seal and shake it like it’s a bag milk until everything has been well and evenly incorporated.

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