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Before we get to the introductions, there’s a slightly more important matter to discuss – what does it mean to be a survivalist, prepper – or as I prefer to call us survival minded folks – cautious people. What does it mean to be a cautious person?

To me, and I respect those who take more drastic steps, but for me I feel comfortable with a reasonable means of protection, such as my small collection of knives, a reasonable amount of food, a year or more makes me happy…anything extra and it’s just a bonus and a plentiful amount of water. Does that make me an insane Timothy McVeigh type? Absolutely not, and it doesn’t make you one either.

I think that, when I say this I speak for the majority of those who prepare: Us survivalist, preppers, cautious people aren’t afraid of any apocalyptic event that we think is certain to happen; we are concerned that, given how the world works, given the natural disasters and given the unstable world powers and world leaders tend to be that there does exist an undeniable chance that, one day – maybe not even in our lifetimes, but one day SOMETHING earth shattering could happen.

I don’t want to go into the whole religious thing in any great level of depth, and I won’t, but to say there is absolutely no chance what-so-ever that sometime in our future, mankind’s future that nothing will ever happen on a widespread scale that’ll prevent the governments from responding within 72 hours; it’s like saying that, unilaterally there is absolutely no chance that a God, or a Creator or Creator’s exist. How could you say something with such an absolute? I don’t say that I’ll live to take my next breath with an absolute – there is no such thing as an absolute, not on our world, at least.

Well, survivalists, and to a lesser extent preppers have been completely and utterly demonized in popular media and society as a whole, well, if not completely demonized, we’ve been belittled, attacked and looked down upon, or at the very least we haven’t been viewed in a good light Quite a long time ago benign music was demonized, great works of fiction were demonized and art were viewed with scorn – freedom and democracy where, once upon a time demonized; so I don’t think that we should put too much weight into what a certain segment of the population thinks of us.

Thankfully, I do believe that the citizenry of this grand nation, and the planet at large are not only starting to warm up to the idea of survivalism, but rather they’re even starting to tentatively embrace the idea of relying on oneself, which is a form of survivalist ideology in of itself.

Another common misconception is that all survivalist want to see the world destroyed: As far as misconceptions go, this one is particularly absurd, and I for one would be pretty damn depressed if my running water, my electricity – my computer, my supply of rollerball pens and paper ran out. I don’t have what people would consider sophisticated tastes, but I like being able to go to the store and being able to pick up a bag of charcoal and some choice cuts of 16 ounce ribeyes, I would be extremely disheartened if I had to wait an entire season before I had the crops and the livestock to make a proper BLT sandwich. I would hate to see so many good and decent people of the world consumed in nuclear fire with their shadows burned into the sides of buildings and the pavement being my only reminder of just how much better life once was.

The world is rough, it’s corrupt, I can in some ways see why certain people would want to see the old world wiped away and begun anew, but I’d rather not see humanity’s progress set back another hundred, or more years.

Politics: For the record, I welcome both the liberal, conservative, moderate, unaffiliated, libertarians and apolitical survivalist’s as members of the survival fold. While it has been my observation that conservatives and libertarians make up the bulk of the survival community, it hardly mean that they’re the exclusive members, or the only one’s whom think with level heads. Speaking personally, I think that most people whom are survivalists, while they’re definitely interested in politics and they certainly support with great zeal who they support, I do think that survivalists have a lower proportion of political zealots compared to other sects of the population because, well, we aren’t the most trusting or sheep like of the population.

Those who don’t practice survivalism should be, while not indebted – rather appreciative of those that do. Say that there was a catastrophic event like a…a devastating solar flair that wiped out some, or most of the grid; those that were prepared wouldn’t need the government or the relief agencies help, or the assistance they’d need would be minimal compared to most others and thus the agencies in question could focus on getting assistance to those who very much needed it.

See? That’s just one more reason to make at least a week or two worth of preparations – you’ll be doing a good service for your fellow man.

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